There’s a Swedish proverb: “Shared joy is double joy; Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.”

We all have some exciting experiences, which might be as ordinary as a beautiful  sunset. When joyful emotions arise, we want to share them with our partner, with a friend, or even a stranger. Or we might want to tell them about it. Sharing emotions is uplifting.

When life is sad, we may want to withhold our feelings, but expressing them to […]

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Heather the Helper

Heather was unhappy and harried. For years she had been helping her children, helping her neighbors and friends, helping her coworkers, and of course helping her husband, Harry. She took pride when friends referred to her as “Supermom.” You may have seen her drop her boys off at soccer, race to the grocery store, and return home just in time […]

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Jon & Beverly Meyerson
The Meyersons have worked together for 20 years as couples therapists. They have helped hundreds of couples develop joyful and harmonious relationships though counseling and couples communication classes. They are the authors of three books: Power Snuggles: Your Path to Vibrant and Lasting Love  After the Glass Slipper  — classic and wedding editions.
Jon Meyerson received his bachelor’s […]

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