It costs you nothing & pleases your lover, try this..

Give your partner their wishes, is a great gift, even if the wish never is fulfilled.

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You say you agree on almost everything? No way!

We will always have disagreements. If used in the right way this can help our relationship to grow.

5 Steps to Keep Love Strong – Guests on Heidi Godman Show

As we discussed on the Heidi Godman radio show, here are the 5 Top Steps for Keeping Your Relationship Strong and Loving:

Introduction: All couples have differences, but we can turn Power Struggles into Power Snuggles. Here’s how:

1. Learn What our Partner is Thinking & Feeling by listening to their words and watching their body language. Compromise and resolution becomes much easier as […]

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Heather the Helper

Heather was unhappy and harried. For years she had been helping her children, helping her neighbors and friends, helping her coworkers, and of course helping her husband, Harry. She took pride when friends referred to her as “Supermom.” You may have seen her drop her boys off at soccer, race to the grocery store, and return home just in time […]

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