The short answer is you can not!

But you can come to joint decision that pleases you both.
Here’s how:

If you begin with the premise that there is a “winner” and a “loser,” both of you will lose. Resentment permeates the relationship unless a joint decision is developed.
To develop a joint decision requires eliminating these four argumentative methods:
— Blaming (It’s all your fault!)
— Poor Me (You’re always right. I’m always wrong.)
— Super-analyzing (Let’s look at all the facts and facts and facts.)
— Distracting (I have to do something else. Bye!)
To settle a disagreement you each have be able to truly listen to the other person’s side of the disagreement! As best you can, lay out the way your partner sees the situation. Then let them correct you. Follow that by repeating what your partner says so you know you’ve got it right. Once both of you have done this, the issue will become clearer — including the pros and cons. In working with couples, we frequently have found that compromise is possible. For example, “We’ll go to your folks this Thanksgiving and my folks next Thanksgiving.”

These methods will establish trust in your relationship and enable you to feel that any disagreement can be handled in an understanding and respectful manner, allowing you to move from “Power Struggles” to “Power Snuggles!”