“Our greatest gifts to our children should be both roots and wings”

We can apply this axiom to our adult lives. Our relationship will flourish if we ...

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Our book: Power Snuggles is now an ebook, on Kindle

Learn how to achieve longterm love and overcome power struggles

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How Do I Get Marriage Assurance?

Do you really know your partner before you move in together? Being in the “Romantic Stage” of your relationship blurs your vision and often leads to serious troubles. How do you protect yourself?

The wedding or moving in together is the springboard to living life together. Before you say “I do” you should figure out how you will work together […]

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Relationship Movies Recommended by U. of Rochester

47 Relationship movies recommended for strengthening your love relationships by the University of Rochester 2014 research study:

A Star Is Born
Adam’s Rib
Anna Karenina
As Good As It Gets
Barefoot in the Park
Children of a Lesser God
Days of Wine and Roses
Desk Set
Dying Young
Fools Rush In
Forget Paris
French Twist
Funny Girl
Gone with the Wind
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Hanover Street
Husbands and Wives
Indecent Proposal
Jungle Fever
Love Jones
Love Story
Made for Each […]

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“To fall in love with anyone, do this”

This headline in the NY Times Modern Love column received 8 million hits on the author’s blog. The article describes 36 questions to ask a stranger. Each question gets more and more personal. Mandy Len Catron, who wrote the article had tried these questions with a man she hardly knew. The questions were devised by Dr. Arthur Aron and the […]

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“Passion makes the world go round. Love just . .

makes it a safer place.”  Happy Valentine’s Day! 

The Ice Opinion


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Advice from Shakespeare

We met him outside the theatre where Anonymous was playing. This current movie alleges that William Shakespeare didn’t really write “his” plays.

Our question: Pardon us, but you look very much like William Shakespeare.
Will: (He quiets us with a finger to his lips, then motions with his hand to move to a quieter spot.) Yes, thou art correct. Will Shakespeare, here.

Q: […]

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