We don’t really fight over money

Do you feel you’re continually having to hang on and fight?

Couples aren’t really fighting over money, they are fighting to feel in control of their lives. #money

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How Do I Get Marriage Assurance?

Do you really know your partner before you move in together? Being in the “Romantic Stage” of your relationship blurs your vision and often leads to serious troubles. How do you protect yourself?

The wedding or moving in together is the springboard to living life together. Before you say “I do” you should figure out how you will work together […]

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We met in spring. No! In the fall. Why memories differ.

Different memories can stimulate a love relationship or cause a major blow up.

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Happy Couples Often Disagree, but beware..

All couples disagree daily. We have different ideas on how to accomplish a task, depending on our talents and values. We have different interests and have had different experiences growing up. This is what makes relationships interesting.

But beware on how you express yourself when you disagree. Put downs and words like “you always make mistakes” or “you never listen to […]

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Heather the Helper

Heather was unhappy and harried. For years she had been helping her children, helping her neighbors and friends, helping her coworkers, and of course helping her husband, Harry. She took pride when friends referred to her as “Supermom.” You may have seen her drop her boys off at soccer, race to the grocery store, and return home just in time […]

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