Why did you leave me? For you I climbed the highest mountain…

Be careful how you express your love. Your partner's needs are important.

How Do I Get Marriage Assurance?

Do you really know your partner before you move in together? Being in the “Romantic Stage” of your relationship blurs your vision and often leads to serious troubles. How do you protect yourself?

The wedding […]

We met in spring. No! In the fall. Why memories differ.

Different memories can stimulate a love relationship or cause a major blow up.

You say you agree on almost everything? No way!

We will always have disagreements. If used in the right way this can help our relationship to grow.

5 Steps to Keep Love Strong – Guests on Heidi Godman Show

As we discussed on the Heidi Godman radio show, here are theĀ 5 Top Steps for Keeping Your Relationship Strong and Loving:

Introduction: All couples have differences, but we can turn Power Struggles into Power Snuggles. Here’s […]

Crying? There are some real benefits.

Let your tears flow. You will feel better.