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How to win an argument with your love partner

The short answer is you can not!

But you can come to joint decision that pleases you both.
Here’s how:

If you begin with the premise that there is a “winner” and a “loser,” both of you will lose. Resentment permeates the relationship unless a joint decision is developed.
To develop a joint decision requires eliminating these four argumentative methods:
— Blaming (It’s all your […]

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Revealing Secrets can improve your relationship … but

When you and your love partner are open with each other, you both will feel safer with less anxiety. However, timing is very important. To tell too much too soon can hurt your relationship. But if you wait too long — which is more common — you will become stressed worrying about being “found out.” Your partner will find […]

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What makes young love special? What makes mature love special?

There are major differences between young love and mature love -- both advantages and disadvantages.

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“Our greatest gifts to our children should be both roots and wings”

We can apply this axiom to our adult lives. Our relationship will flourish if we ...

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Is 50 Shades of Grey Harmful to Society?

Is 50 Shades of Grey harmful to society? You bet it is! Here's why.

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Love Notes Can Change Everything!

Little things mean a lot — and a note like this can improve your relationship enormously. Try a note today!

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We don’t really fight over money

Do you feel you’re continually having to hang on and fight?

Couples aren’t really fighting over money, they are fighting to feel in control of their lives. #money

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Boosting our egos

Serena, LeBron, American Pharaoh — surprisingly, we tie our egos into the stars to relieve ourselves of our own inadequacies. #AmericanPharoah

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“I never put off till tomorrow what I can do the day after.” Oscar Wilde. (PowerSnuggles.com)

Do it today and your love life will grow.

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It costs you nothing & pleases your lover, try this..

Give your partner their wishes, is a great gift, even if the wish never is fulfilled.

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